Algae is a plant that lives in water, such as lakes and ponds.

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Algae is both a sign of a healthy environment and an unsightly nuisance to homeowners. While you may be tempted to scrub it off, this will not only delay the growth of your lawn grass but also make it spread quickly. To remove algae on concrete surfaces, pressure-wash with a high-pressure nozzle, turning down the pressure if necessary so you don’t damage your driveway or sidewalk.

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Algae is a scourge. It can take over your garden; it can block your driveway, it can even bloom in the cracks of your patio. It’s a persistent invader that’s tough to get rid of, but there are ways to keep it at bay.

Here are some tips for cleaning algae off driveways, patios, and decks:

1. Cleaning off algae before it has a chance to grow is the best way to prevent this pesky problem from taking over your space. If you see any algae starting to grow on your property, remove it immediately, so it doesn’t have time to thrive or spread!

2. If you have an established algae problem in your garden or decking material, you may need more than just cleaning detergents. You may need something with a little more oomph! Try using an acidic solution — like vinegar or lemon juice — on small areas before moving forward with more potent chemicals if needed!

3. When cleaning off algae from these surfaces (especially if they’re made out of wood), always ensure that they’re dehydrated before putting anything back into use again!

Professional jet washing company to clean your Algae

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Our professional jet washing company will clean up any algae growth on your property so that when clients visit, they’ll see an impeccably maintained property and one that looks brand new!

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